Author Topic: Twin Galaxies congratulates John Mccurdy...  (Read 6846 times)

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Re: Twin Galaxies congratulates John Mccurdy...
« Reply #15 on: March 02, 2021, 07:22:06 am »
Side note about what Vern said about the coin door - this is very true. I actually spent some cash on an inspection camera (the kind with the flexible hose/snake that has a video output you can run to a TV as a monitor) and used it when I made a run at 1942 to submit to TG. It's not perfect, and you have to do some experimenting to see how close you need to be to something to get it to be in focus (I believe it's a fixed focus camera). But it's quite easy to inspect the guts of a cab through the coin door if you know where the board is inside the cab. Also those cameras are fun to mess around with. I found three wooden spoons behind my kitchen cabinets that will remain there forever but I guess it's good to know they're there lol.
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