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Restoration advice
« on: April 24, 2018, 04:13:15 pm »
So here is my blight.

I got this DK JR today for what I consider a hell of a great deal considering it has a "working" board in it.. no monitor to test/verify though.

The guy bought it.. did some "repair work" to the base - the monitor went out and he started to mame it.  Decided he had no idea what he was getting into and didnt want to finish it.

There are the images.

Here are my options:

1.) Try and find a suitable drop in monitor replacement - throw in a mikesarcade board and figure out how to get sound and have a semi-restored DK JR

2.) Part it out, paint it blue and turn it into a fix it felix

I would LOVE suggestions for replacing the screen first.. all the arcades I have - are all original hardware and I dont want to get into the habit of anything mame in the game room.   However.. if I do go that route -- I could use some information on the original monitor angle -- and then im gutting everything out of this..

help save a DK JR :) give me some pointers on replacing the screen please along with links/price.

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Re: Restoration advice
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 10:56:57 am »
Replacement Sanyo 20EZ's come up for sale from time to time on KLOV:

What part of the world are you in?

It appears the mounting bolts are still in the side of the cab.  Can't tell from the picture, but are the mounting brackets also still there?  Mounting brackets come up from time to time too, in case yours are missing.

Around $150 - $200 for a complete working monitor assembly, depending on how much screen burn.  Replacement tubes with no chassis and low burn also come up from time to time, around $100 - $150.  So, if something working comes up but has more burn than you like, you can always jump on it and be patient for a good tube to become available.

Everything else looks to be present, with the exception of maybe some wiring, all of which can be gotten from Mike's Arcade.  Oh and those terrible (imho) replacement controls.  Again, Mike's Arcade has great repro's, or be patient on KLOV for originals to be available.

Anything else you're missing or have questions about.  Overall, it looks like a good restoration candidate.  Nice pickup!
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