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Ideas for my Nintendo Switch name
« on: April 10, 2019, 06:33:15 pm »
I've had some ideas for a Nintendo Switch name when I get one three months from now.

1.  I'm thinking about trying to sell out the name.  See if I can get a big company to sponsor me.  Like maybe Redbullisgreat or Pepsiisthebest.
I wonder if Nintendo would allow me to do this?

2. I see a lot of Japanese names.  Maybe something like USAbeatsJapan. But this may not be allowed.
Now if I wanted to be subversive I'd go with the handle fatmanandlittleboy. Or possibly themanhattenproject.  Both references of me nuking their scores to oblivion.

3. Or possibly I go with self deprecating humor, and go with spotreservedforbarra yougotbeatbyamoron

Hmm, decisions decisions
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