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D2K High Score List Submission Rules
« on: December 05, 2013, 03:22:57 pm »
Donkey Kong 2 - Jumpman Returns (D2K) High Score List Submission Rules
for all scores submitted to the D2K High Score List.

Please review the rules below before submitting.

Rules last updated: August 27, 2019, 12:35 AM MST, by xelnia

A. Game Settings
  • Lives: 6
  • Bonus: 7,000
  • DK High Score: Player's Choice
  • D2K High Score: Player's Choice
  • Coinage: Player's Choice
  • Boot Timeout: Player's Choice.
  • Startup Game: Player's Choice
  • Attract Sound: Player's Choice

B. Platform

1. Arcade
  • Arcade submissions should be done on a TKG4 PCB.
  • 4-way controls are required.
  • High score save kits and Remix kits are allowed. However, should any of these kits prove to affect gameplay, scores may be invalidated after the fact.

  • The only acceptable MAME platforms are WolfMAME versions 0.140 and newer.
  • The only acceptable romset is "dkongx" and its required parent "dkong".
  • Pausing the game is not allowed.
  • Intentionally altering the game speed is not allowed.
  • Any modifications to WolfMAME or the dkongx / dkong romsets will result in disqualification.
  • NVRAM must be disabled BEFORE recording an INP with WolfMAME. Otherwise playback will not work properly. Submissions that do not play back properly will not be accepted.

C. Evidence

1. Arcade
  • For a player's FIRST submission to DKF, they must show the inside of their cabinet. We must be able to see: 1) 4-way controls, 2) TKG4 label, 3) DIP switch settings, 4) ROM chips, 5) the Z80 processor location with D2K kit. Players are not required to do this again for future DKF submissions unless they use new or different hardware.
  • Video evidence must show the complete gameplay, from beginning to end.
  • Players must make a reasonable effort to make their video evidence permanent.
  • Scores done at live events will be accepted if it can be reasonably determined that game settings and platform requirements have been met.
  • Video evidence that only shows the end of a game must include, in the same video, an immediate restart and demonstration of the Game Settings. Do not power cycle the cabinet before restarting.

  • All MAME submissions must include an INP in a zip archive.
  • Players must make a reasonable attempt to make their INP evidence permanent.
  • The average recorded speed in the INP must be at least 90%.
  • Please submit only one attempt per INP.

D. Special
  • Screenshots and photographs are not sufficient evidence for a score.
  • Any score may be rejected if video quality is poor.
  • Any score may be rejected if a player uses a technique or method not mentioned here, if it violates the spirit of the game and the spirit of fair play.
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