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Donkey Kong Wild Barrel Hack High Score List
« on: July 15, 2013, 06:20:23 am »
Welcome to the Official DKF Wild Barrel Hack High Score List, peer-reviewed by the DK Community!

In order to submit a score for the Wild Barrel Hack High Score List, please read and follow the List Submission Rules, as well as any Special Rules below. Once you have achieved a score that meets the criteria, please submit your score in the Score Submissions thread, including your name, the date the score was achieved, and all relevant evidence. You can view the explanation of Platforms and Sources at the bottom of the list.

Special Rules
-You are required to use the following ROM:  Wild Barrel Hack

List Notes
-Click on the player's name to visit their stream page (if available).
-Click on a source to view the video and/or download the INP file (if available).
-A value of "Y" in the KS column indicates a killscreen game (arriving at Level 22-1 and dying to the killscreen bug).

Donkey Kong Wild Barrel Hack High Score List

Mitchell Elliott

Source Notes

Twitch, Smashcast, Facebook=  Streamed on Twitch, Smashcast, and/or Facebook.  Linked to gameplay video.
INP=  MAME INP file attached to score submission.
YouTube=  Previously recorded and uploaded to YouTube.  Linked to gameplay video.
Peer=  Witnessed live but otherwise not recorded.

Platform Notes

Arcade=  TKG4 or unknown (some earlier TG scores may not have been TKG4).
TKG3=  4-board set using the US Set 1 ROM.
DDK=  A Double Donkey Kong board was used.
MAME=  Any version of WolfMAME or unknown (scores prior to May 2006 are not 0.106, scores prior to July 2003 are not WolfMAME).
*=  A D2K and/or Remix board was installed on the PCB.
^=  A high score save kit was installed on the PCB.
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