Author Topic: The top 10 in DK3 is now all Repetitive Blue Screen scores!  (Read 1770 times)

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The top 10 in DK3 is now all Repetitive Blue Screen scores!
« on: February 04, 2024, 12:28:08 pm »
There was a point in time just four years ago where I didn't even know if I would live to see the day where the top 10 would be populated with all RBS screen scores.
It was just me and Ben Falls, and six years had past since Ben did it, and he was doing it for a bounty.
I'm so happy to see so much growth in this game. For years this game was treated like an ugly red headed step child.
I got the first time I feel this is no longer the case.
It took awhile, but it's ascended to a competition level only seen in top notch games.
If you want to get a top 10 in this game you're going to have to put some real effort into it.  It should be a source of pride for anyone who does it.   8)
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