Author Topic: Autozip INP for MAME (Guide)  (Read 3696 times)

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Autozip INP for MAME (Guide)
« on: September 04, 2021, 01:57:54 am »
Hey everyone

Linked are some instructions to setup autozipping for your MAME inp files. This is handy to prevent overwriting, and is also really useful when submitting scores for CAGtourneys.

It automatically adds the date and time to the zip file as well.

I'd recommend using the 'reset' option in MAME to start a new game if you don't want to save a score. This can be bound to a hotkey in the General UI keybinds.
Press the key once to cancel a recording, and press it again to start a new recording.
When you're happy with a game you can press ESC to close MAME and it will save the .inp and zip it up

Sorting by size is a good way to tell which scores are big ones if you are ever looking back for any.

If you have any questions leave a comment and I'll try and help out :)
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