Author Topic: Help Wanted: Crazy Kong Arcade World Record History  (Read 372 times)

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Help Wanted: Crazy Kong Arcade World Record History
« on: July 11, 2024, 10:02:12 pm »
Estel recently setting a new Crazy Kong arcade world record has reminded me that the history of that particular record is full of holes. I'm hoping the community can help me patch them. Below you'll find the history of the arcade and MAME WRs as best as I can tell. The MAME list is pretty solid, I believe. There's no sense, at this point, in creating a "combined" record progression because I know of no significant arcade scores prior to 1999, and thus the MAME record has always been higher than the arcade record. Obviously that can't be true since there must have been arcades scores prior to the advent of emulation...but I haven't been able to track any down.

The late, legendary Ben Jos Walbeehm discussed his history with CK and DK over on CAGDC and while he doesn't give specific scores, he claims to have "maxed out" CK back in the 80s. His highest known MAME score is 638,700 so it seems reasonable that he may have had an arcade score in that range back in those days. That might mean that the Cahill/Knucklez/Linderman records were never records at all...maybe all the known records until Wes' 667k.

I also seem to remember (or misremember) that Robbie may have had the arcade record at some point in between Jimmy Linderman and Jeff Harrist. Can anyone provide any more information? Do any of our European players any have insight, since CK was more prevalent over there? I'm not necessarily looking for submission-standard evidence. This is more for historical purposes than anything.

Crazy Kong Arcade World Record Progression
J.J. Cahill568,4002010-03-20
Justin Knucklez579,7002010-08-07
Jimmy Linderman608,5002010-09-25
Jeff Harrist632,5002014-04-25
Robbie Lakeman637,2002014-09-21
Robbie Lakeman645,2002015-12-23
Wes Copeland667,6002016-06-13
Robbie Lakeman681,5002016-08-17
Estel Goffinet701,8002024-07-07

Crazy Kong MAME World Record Progression
Ben Jos Walbeehm613,0001999-09-03
Jeff Wolfe624,0002000-07-11
Ben Jos Walbeehm638,7002001-12-07
Phil Tudose685,2002011-11-14
Jeff Wolfe685,8002013-12-10
Phil Tudose708,7002014-02-08
Phil Tudose719,7002014-03-04
Phil Tudose723,7002015-01-19
Phil Tudose726,9002015-05-22
Phil Tudose735,1002015-05-23
Phil Tudose738,1002015-05-24
Robbie Lakeman746,4002016-09-09
Phil Tudose773,2002016-10-08
Robbie Lakeman793,3002016-10-13
Phil Tudose797,6002019-11-13
Phil Tudose811,6002019-11-17
Justin Elliott833,2002023-01-30
John McCurdy852,1002023-02-17
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Re: Help Wanted: Crazy Kong Arcade World Record History
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2024, 06:43:36 am »
Finally got a chance to read that thread. Very interesting stuff. I’m definitely curious on what Ben Jos considered a max score. There is not much info (if any at all) on CK arcade scores from pre 2000s.
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Re: Help Wanted: Crazy Kong Arcade World Record History
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2024, 07:50:38 am »
Ben Jos; I submitted my first 900 k recording and people started calling me a cheater,,, Billy TH Wolf pack of volunteer :( narrow minded. That is an interesting read :),1437.msg23404.html#msg23404   
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