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MisFit Mame Help with D2K Running

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I just got done downloading MisFit MAME and I got that and DKong us set 1 rom running but I have downloaded the d2k rom ver 1.2 which is labeled dkongx. I placed them both in a folder that I made and I have called it roms. But MisFit says it cant find the ROM. for D2K Can anyone help I want to try my hand at some D2K with save states. Thanks

What is "misfit" Mame? Does it support dk2 at all? Wrong names on files?

What happens?

Hey it supports D2K, frankly I thought it was the only Mame that had it but I could be wrong the file names are right, it just says some files are missing when I click to start it up. Thanks for any help from those who have D2K on mame

never heard of Misfit, I use wolfMAME 152 to play D2K and that works fine

For 152 do you just need dkong rom and the Ver. 1.2 d2k rom as well?
DG do you have a link for any of that ? Thx Tony


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