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Chris P's D2K Progress Thread


It took me 11 games of D2K on the machine, but I finally cracked 200K just now. 241,500, 7-1.

So I'm now pretty much right where I left off on MAME (256K, a few screens further).

Last night, while looking at a game, I realized two very important facts about the barrel screens that just made them a lot easier. To be honest, I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't see them until now.

First is that you can always kill the lower fireball if you immediately grab the bottom hammer and go right for him, which makes that approach something of a no-brainer going forward.

Second is that, past level 2, D2K Kong doesn't release any blue barrels other than the first "triple fire" barrel!

Somehow I'd just never caught that before. Duh! This changes the strategy greatly for the barrel screens, in that now I know I don't need to worry about the danger of waiting at the bottom, since there IS no danger. I can hang out until I'm comfortable with what the upper fireball is up to.

It also opens up an interesting point-pressing opportunity, in that, should the second fireball go all the way to the top, you can group and rejump until the timer is out without ever having to worry about fireballs coming up from below to get you.

Onward to 300!

i m not sure if anyone is still playing this game, but i started a few months ago.
I noticed that besides the first blue barrel, DK does throw a few more after a while (internal difficulty of some sort...),
but the flames resulting from those barrels behave differently then the original three.
They appear less agressive and I'm not sure, but I don't think they follow the "allways go left" rule.

This game is rad in my book. I prefer it over the original. Thanks for the strategy help.


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