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As a companion to the killscreener timeline, here is a chronology of every known million-point player's first "rollover."

All of Billy Mitchell's three TG-verified million point performances have since been "de-verified" and struck from the high score lists of both TG and DKF, which you can read about here. Whether or not Mitchell ever actually achieved a legitimate million point score (prior to 2018) is now considered unknown. I have, however, left him on the list as an "asterisked entry", since his early scores were accepted at one time, and are (obviously) highly significant to the history of this game.

Are there any names missing? Perhaps. Based on his YouTube videos, Ben Mazowita seems extremely capable, but he isn't part of the community. There is also a rumor of a player from Japan who achieved a million-point game (on the US version) at some point prior to 2015, but this player is unknown to us as well.

We can be reasonably confident, at any rate, that Steve Wiebe's 1,006 was the first-ever million point game of DK, and that no more than a handful of players (if any) are missing from this list.

-#--PlayerDateScorePlatformVerification?1Steve Wiebe6/4/20041,006,600ArcadeTG (rejected but legit)*Billy Mitchell6/7/20041,047,200ArcadeTG (SEE THREAD HERE)2Tim Sczerby12/31/20081,024,100ArcadeNone (replay streamed 8/1/09)3Scott Kessler*  4/27/20081,000,600ArcadeNone4Dean Saglio5/7/20091,026,700MAMETG (1st MAME million)5Hank Chien9/13/20091,037,700ArcadeNone (official TG score came later)6Vincent Lemay9/11/20101,002,700MAMETG (2nd MAME million)7Jeff Willms* 8/16/20111,107,600MAMETG (3rd MAME million)8David McCrary12/30/20111,015,000ArcadeTG (4th TG-ranked arcade million)9Mark Kiehl1/22/20121,016,500ArcadeTG10Kyle Goewert*  4/27/20121,012,800ArcadeTG11Benjamin Falls5/5/20121,010,400ArcadeStream12Shaun Boyd*  5/21/20121,037,500ArcadeTG13Steve Wiltshire1/27/20131,019,600ArcadeTG14Philip Tudose2/22/20131,005,700MAMEMARP15Robbie Lakeman3/6/20131,007,600MAMEStream16Svavar Gunnar Gunnarsson5/29/20131,008,800ArcadeLive17Mike Groesbeck6/21/20131,023,600ArcadeTG18Jon McKinnell*  7/7/20131,025,200ArcadeStream19Jeff Wolfe9/22/20131,054,900ArcadeStream20Corey Chambers9/24/20131,008,100ArcadeStream21Ross Benziger* 9/27/20131,136,500ArcadeTG22Mick Winzeler1/5/20141,018,300ArcadeYouTube23Wes Copeland5/4/20141,028,200MAMEStream24Jason Wade1/1/20151,027,100MAMEStream25Ethan Daniels1/10/20151,041,100ArcadeStream26Shawn Robinson*  1/24/20151,022,700ArcadeTG27Jonathan McCourt4/16/20151,002,300MAMEStream28Daniel Desjardins*  6/21/20151,059,700ArcadeStream29Graham Hawkins*  7/6/20151,045,900MAMEStream30Andrew Barrow  8/14/20151,014,600MAMEStream31John McCurdy 8/17/20151,010,500MAMEStream32Tanner Fokkens 11/7/20151,004,100ArcadeStream33Martin Laing*  3/5/20161,026,800ArcadeStream34Jason Corey Brittain 3/22/20161,001,600MAMEStream35Thomas Bauer 5/5/20161,019,000MAMEStream36Joe DuPree*  8/14/20161,008,700ArcadeStream37"DKK-OKINAWA"*  12/26/20171,014,400ArcadeStream38"ACU-AZU" 1/1/20181,046,600ArcadeTwitter39Estel Goffinet*  1/12/20181,031,200ArcadeStream40Scott Cunningham*  3/11/20181,064,500MAMEStream41J P Buergers 12/17/20181,110,200MAMEStream42Justin Elliott  5/12/20191,068,500MAMEStream43David Lyne*  8/11/20191,007,300MAMEStream44"FloBeamer1922"*  8/17/20191,032,100MAMEStream45Matt Tecchio  9/2/20191,052,600ArcadeStream46Josh Mayden*  5/26/20201,027,700ArcadeStream47Steven Kleisath*  7/21/20201,001,800ArcadeStream48Brad Williamson*  8/30/20201,001,300MAMEStream49Laura Neville*  10/04/20201,003,900ArcadeStream50James Cook*  11/28/20201,009,200ArcadeStream
*  - denotes an "unimproved PB": a player whose first million remains his personal best score. Players with no *  have scored higher since their first million.

NOTE: Scott Kessler is the only player on this list who does not appear on the DKF High Score List (no video or other verification of this score exists).

By year:
1981-2003: 0
2004: 1
2005: 0
2006: 0
2007 (King of Kong released): 0
2008: 2
2009: 2
2010: 1
2011: 2
2012: 4
2013: 9
2014: 2
2015: 9
2016: 4
2017: 1
2018: 4
2019: 4
2020: 5

love it. MARP oh yer

Good to have that ;-).

I lol'ed at Jeff's score of 1.1m. Jeff said: Screw 1m, I'm gonna get 1.1m! YOLO!

Oops, I have your date wrong Phil. I know it was February, do you know the date?

You over-wrote that .inp with your 1,050 game.


--- Quote from: ChrisP on July 17, 2013, 05:05:42 pm ---Oops, I have your date wrong Phil. I know it was February, do you know the date?

You over-wrote that .inp with your 1,050 game.

--- End quote ---

feb 22nd


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