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Justin Elliot gets 833,200 on Crazy Kong!

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Justin Elliot has smashed the world record on Crazy Kong with a absolutely monstrous 833,200 score.
So huge congrats to a person who's rapidly becoming one of the greatest on three of the four major Kong games!

One of the greatest? Riley pls.
Fink is WAY ahead as the best at the 3 DK platformers. Especially when he drops a huge new DK WR this year!

when dk3 (:

Will Phil come out of the Shadows and take the world record back?   He seems very anti classic gaming anymore...  But he likes Allen for the Drama

Great score, congrats!

Fantastic game, sir.

Data on CK games is sparse, since most people just KS and move on, but as far as I can tell this game had the best barrel average and full-game deaths ever. 850k seems "easily" doable since sum-of-best across all games is about 859k. So, a little push from there to get 875k. Maybe 900k = 1.3M DK? Wait and see!


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