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GOT 'EM PHIL! Tudose breaks the 1.5M barrier on DKJR!: 1,506,800!

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On October 22, the great Phil Tudose upped his own DKJR WR and, in the process, broke through the next 100k barrier on the game. With a final killscreen score of 1,506,800, Phil is first player to cross the 1.5M barrier! Overall, the game averages were similar to his 1.482M WR set a few weeks ago, but this time he was able to secure another 25k in death points. In fact, the only other "better" thing about this game was a new chain average WR of 10,517. That just means there's more for the taking! Congrats play some DK3, sir.

Phil's game (WolfMAME 0.217) can be downloaded from MARP:

Hopefully he restreams or records a video of the INP soon.  :)

Flobeamer has graciously made a video of the performance:

And, of course, stats:

Dallas Taylor:
People said I was crazy, it?s not possible. Fucking a right it?s possible!!!! King Tudose proves it!!! Incredible sir. Well done.

Wht in da Phil  Kreygasm. I always expected greatness from you, but you still far exceeded my own expectations  Kreygasm
Kongrats mate!

I seem to remember Dallas  telling me I was full of it.  over a year ago that 1.5 would happen. Get Job Phil. Now replay it on twitch so us non mame players can see it please.

Great job Phil. Over the past couple if years you went next level with this game. 1.5 is big big big.  8)


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