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Yeah, I was watching Estel's game. What a heartbreaker!

Looking back in CAGDC's impromptu streaming thread, it looks like it was done on Feb. 11, 2012.,1670.msg56752.html#msg56752


So the Chris Ayra killscreen was true? I know it's 'unofficial' but that particular one from 1982 is a pretty bold secret that was kept then.

BTW, hi guys...nice new forum!

Robbie, Estel's game definitely happened, but I am looking for *first* kill screens, and I don't think his almost-million game was his first.

Dave, Chris Mansfield (SanTe), corroborated Chris Ayra's kill screen on the TG incarnation of this thread. I don't doubt it, based on Ayra's general video game prowess (and how tight he was with Billy) and Manfield's level of awareness of the scene. Several names on this list have to be taken with a grain of salt anyway, so I'll just include him.

I am assuming that there may be a few unknown kill-screeners BITD. I can't imagine more than 3 or 4, given the level to which you'd have to push the game and the circumstances under which you'd have to learn back then, but I leave that possibility open. And I would definitely not be surprised at a couple of modern-day kill screeners who nobody knows about and who aren't interested in the community.

Jonathan McCourt, for example, got his kill screen in January of 2011 and none of us even knew he existed until over a year later.

In any case, that's why I'm not numbering this list. Even one gap makes the order meaningless, and there are almost certainly gaps.

Hey Chris, My first kill screen was in March 2011  ;D


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