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I started a thread for this a few months before Twin Galaxies died, and a couple months back I was able to retrieve it from the Google cache (what I was NOT able to retrieve, unfortunately, were links to "proof" of each kill screen, but since most of those are TG forum links that are now dead due to the loss of the forum, they wouldn't be useful anyway.)

Much of this comes from my own research, the rest was obtained from Hank's "The Official Unofficial List of DK Killscreeners" (which ranks all known kill-screeners by their current personal best).

There's quite a bit of "honor system" going on here, as well as gradations in legitimacy/verifiability. I will not dare to name names, but there are at least two self-reported kill screens on this list that I doubt very seriously, and also a couple (such as Chris Ayra) for whom I am trusting the word of third parties. There is one player (Alex McGlothlien) on Hank's list that was said to have achieved his KS on non-standard settings, so I'll refrain from including him for now. I will be happy to put him on if and when he steps forward to be counted.

I will add more columns (such as whether or not the game was official) at a later time. I am not bothering with scores because assembling that information would be quite a project and the point here is to show the order in which players first reached the kill screen, not how many points they had when they got there.

Please help me with any missing information or errors! Thanks.

PlayerDatePlatformBilly Mitchell8/13/1982ArcadeSteve Wiebec.1989ArcadeBen Jos Wahlbeehm9/12/1999MAMETim Sczerby8/17/2000ArcadeRick Fothergill6/10/2006ArcadeJohn Marks9/21/2007MAMEBenjamin Falls10/3/2007ArcadeScott Kessler11/10/2007MAMERoss Benziger2007MAMEStephen Boyer3/30/2008ArcadeHank Chien2/21/2009MAMEDean Saglio5/7/2009MAMEVincent Lemay8/31/2009MAMEJimmy Linderman9/6/2009ArcadeChris Enright11/6/2009ArcadeJuan Medina12/9/2009MAMEJosh Criss12/16/2009MAMEEric Howard7/4/2010ArcadeShayne Black8/18/2010ArcadeMark Kiehl9/26/2010ArcadeDavid McCrary12/15/2010ArcadeJonathan McCourt1/1/2011ArcadeJeff Willms1/2011MAMEKyle Goewert1/20/2011ArcadeEstel Goffinet3/1/2011ArcadeAndrew Gardikis5/9/2011MAMEEric Tessler11/2011ArcadeChris Psaros12/28/2011MAMEDavid Hansen2/6/2012ArcadeNathan Philips3/21/2012ArcadeHans Kollinger5/17/2012ArcadeShaun Boyd5/21/2012ArcadeMike Groesbeck5/22/2012ArcadeSteve Wiltshire9/17/2012ArcadeRobbie Lakeman10/23/2012MAMEJeff Harrist11/10/2012MAMEJeff Wolfe11/18/2012ArcadeThomas Bauer12/20/2012MAMEStephen Wagner1/8/2013ArcadeMick Winzeler 1/28/2013ArcadeSvavar Gunnar Gunnarsson 2/4/2013ArcadePhil Tudose 2/22/2013MAMEEthan Daniels 3/3/2013ArcadeJon McKinnell 3/16/2013ArcadeCorey Chambers 4/10/2013MAMEChristian Van Meter 6/25/2013MAMEBrian Allen 7/9/2013MAMEMartin Laing 7/13/2013MAMEChris Icenhour 7/15/2013MAMEShane Mosher 9/13/2013ArcadeShawn Robinson9/22/2013ArcadeDaniel Desjardins11/14/2013ArcadeChrister Kristensson12/14/2013MAMEWes Copeland12/20/2013ArcadeJoseph Carroll12/29/2013ArcadeTodd Anthony Lalonde1/20/2014MAMEAdam Mon1/23/2014MAMEJeremy Young2/23/2014MAMEDustin Hill2/25/2014ArcadeJason Corey Brittain3/23/2014MAMEMitchell Elliott5/6/2014ArcadeSteve McDonald7/17/2014ArcadeScott Cunningham7/23/2014MAMEJason Wade8/19/2014ArcadeMike Kasper8/24/2014ArcadeAndrew Barrow8/26/2014MAMEGraham Hawkins8/28/2014MAMEAl Jones12/14/2014ArcadeAllen Staal12/17/2014ArcadeTanner Fokkens1/19/2015ArcadeVictor Sandberg3/27/2015MAMEAnders Lasbo7/15/201560-in-1Chris Gleed9/19/2015ArcadeJoe Dupree10/16/2015ArcadeBilly Gaines11/1/2015ArcadeJohnny Bonde12/27/2015ArcadeAaron Truitt3/1/2016ArcadeRyan Warmbrodt3/21/2016ArcadeACU-AZU5/1/2016ArcadeVincent Côté5/2/2016ArcadeRandy Yeager7/6/2016MAMEDamon Stewart8/17/2016ArcadeASN Esperle8/28/2016ArcadeAndrew Garrett9/24/2016ArcadeMichael Kibbey12/15/2016MAMEJason Horner12/27/2016ArcadeShane Sawle3/19/2017MAMENathan Sheeks4/19/2017ArcadeJohn McCurdy4/19/2017MAMEKarsten Kühl4/30/2017ArcadeKML Citizen2345/5/2017MAMEDKK-OKINAWA211/6/2017ArcadeRichie Knucklez12/6/2017ArcadeMichael Downs2/14/2018ArcadeDavid Lyne2/23/2018MAMEZach Kuhl3/1/2018ArcadeJ P Buergers3/12/2018MAMEGeorge Riley3/16/2018ArcadeDave Clark3/17/2018ArcadeJerry Cochran Jr.4/29/2018Arcade"Flobeamer1922"6/28/2018MAMEMathew McGill8/27/2018ArcadeJustin Elliott10/12/2018MAMETim Trieschmann11/20/2018ArcadeJosh Mayden11/30/2018ArcadeJames Cook12/6/2018ArcadeMatt Tecchio1/2/2019MAMELes Coffman1/16/2019ArcadeDuke Nickolas2/2/2019MAMEJoel Snavely2/22/2019ArcadeCarsten Lauridsen2/24/2019ArcadeBrad Williamson4/3/2019MAMEPaul Goguen5/8/2019MAMEBilly Mitchell (Jr.)7/30/2019ArcadeMitch Mitchell8/18/2019ArcadeMatt Hall9/7/2019ArcadeLaura King Neville9/26/2019ArcadeChris Henry10/1/2019MAMEWade Wittmer10/17/2019MAMEJay McClelland11/2/2019MAMECraig Tubby2/15/2020MAMELuke Brynycz3/14/2020ArcadeArron Pitchford4/13/2020MAMESteven Kleisath6/9/2020ArcadeJason Vasiloff6/29/2020MAME"Jason N/dknetter" 8/15/2020MAMEBen Mazowita?/?/20??Clayton Brookins?/?/20??Brian Kuh?/?/20??Shawn Cram?/?/20??
There are now 130 Donkey Kong kill-screeners on this list!

By year:
1980's: 2 (known)
1990's: 1
2000-2006: 2
2007 (King of Kong released): 4
2008: 1
2009: 7
2010: 4
2011: 7
2012: 10
2013: 17
2014: 14
2015: 7
2016: 10
2017: 7
2018: 13
2019: 14
2020: 6
Unknown year (2007-2013): 4, and all are unverified

Great list! Wasn't Robbie Lakeman's done on MAME?

We have our first correction!

Yes it was on MAME :)

I think Estel got a killscreen score of 999,800 on arcade.  I remember reading about it on TGI how all he needed was another smash or a couple of jumps to get the million.


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