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D2K video links? They are gone from forum


Looking for study material getting into
D2K now that I'm building my custom nintendo cab. Anyone help me out. Thanks

The 2 videos missing from the D2K thread were from my old YT account (now deleted) they were only point pressing techniques including a demonstration of the Saglio leech method.

For learning the game I would highly recommend watching  Syscrushers 398k game from 2009
(Hopefully Ben doesn't mind me posting it here )

Edit: I should still have those D2K vids on my comp so I'll be sure to re upload them and re post in the thread.

here is a link to my 3 lives performance.

I use a different technique on the barrel stage, because I am not that comfortable on that stage...

btw point pressing is pretty useless in this stage of the game.
just try to finish it and conserve lives.

Here's the reason why. I just finished this up tonight after a long resto.


Rotated and resized for viewer convenience.


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