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what do you play on?

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Personally I'm playing on Mame thru a original Xbox with a type S controller.  I fucking love this game and the labor of love that it is. That's all. Peace

I use MAME with either an X-Arcade or PS3 controller. Most of my hours have been with the controller though, so that's what I voted.

I did have a cab, but now I use my modded X-Arcade to play on MAME.  Good to see some action on this game.

I don't play d2k often but when I do I play on my DK cab with the d2k/ high score save kit. The kit is great because you can quickly restart a game of DK by pressing 2 buttons rather than having to take the time to kill off remaining lives.

Real men jump in the oil can.  <Tim>


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