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Making a modern Nintendo Joystick.
« on: June 11, 2024, 01:51:27 pm »
Hey all!

Long story short, I am not a big fan of the original Nintendo Joystick....unless it's a nicely worn in one (which I do not have sadly!)

This lead me to create a "Modern Nintendo Joystick".

I actually think this stick is better than the original Nintendo Joystick, irrespective of age and how worn in it is.

Parts used:

- Sanwa JLF (Base plate, pivot, actuator, spring holder)
- "Short" Sanwa JLF Shaft
- Seimitsu LS-33 Spring
- Custom "Clover" Sanwa Restrictor Gate
- LS-30 (30mm balltop - Black)
- 4 x 4.8mm terminal Omron Microswitches (Short Lever)

The best thing about this stick? It can be used on original cabinets as a drop in replacement  8)

If anyone has questions, let me know!  (Will post pictures tomorrow as I can't do this from my mobile)
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