Author Topic: Double Donkey Kong Submissions Are Now Acceptable  (Read 6351 times)

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Double Donkey Kong Submissions Are Now Acceptable
« on: November 26, 2018, 05:41:15 am »
After discussing the issue with members of the community I've decided that scores set on Double Donkey Kong (DDK) PCBs are now eligible for inclusion on our HSLs. DDK boards are Donkey Kong Junior PCBs that have been modified to run both DK and DKJR. At present there is no concrete evidence that DDK gameplay is significantly different enough from their original counterparts to warrant exclusion. DK on DDK will play with DKJR sounds, but I don't find that reason enough to ban those scores. Also, no evidence has been found that the DDK modifications affect the timing of either game. Since original DK and DKJR hardware are fairly similar, I don't expect any issues to be found. However, I must caution everyone that these scores will be reclassified or removed if problems are discovered in the future.

-DDK scores will have their Platform listed as "DDK" on the HSLs, not as "Arcade."
-DDK scores can be submitted to the DK HSL and all its variations, the DKJR HSL, and the DK and DKJR Remix HSLs.
-For DDKs with Remix kits: only the "Original" version of DKJR is acceptable, not the "Fixed" version.
-The standards for arcade verification apply to all DDK scores (DK rules / DKJR rules).
-MAME DDK scores are NOT acceptable.
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