Author Topic: $1000 Bounty For Anyone to Demonstrate 4th Girder Tail on Arcade Hardware  (Read 16120 times)

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This problem is exhibited in all of Billy's tapes. Since Billy's position is now that MAME and Arcade render the same and it's the screen producing this issue, it should be no problem to take ten minutes and do direct capture from a PCB to show this during barrel board loadup rasterization.

Anyone who can demonstrate the 4th girder tail consistently on an arcade PCB using direct feed while posting their complete setup so everyone can reproduce it will have me cut them a check for $1000. No contracts. No bullshit.

To reiterate, here's how you get the money:
  • Demonstrate it happening consistently on an arcade PCB, like in all of Billy's tapes which allegedly occurred on different machines/PCBs.
  • Post your capture setup so we can reproduce it.

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Wes, fuck this bullshit.  Make a new home for online arcade tournaments.  Go.  Now.  Please.

CT 10 needs a home.

Thank you, sir.

P.S.  I lost $200 last night trying to teach a hooker how to play poker.  She was terrible.

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What version(s) of MAME produce this effect?  Has that been clearly identified?

:edit: Found it - it's clearly shown on the sample GIFs Jeremy posted in the OP of the notification of the findings that MAME was used.  MAME .116 - .121

Also corroborated by a TG member that used MAME .116 to answer the same question:

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I think your money is safe Wes.
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The girder 'finger' as I call it, can be replicated in any version of MAME going all the way back to 2001 (the earliest version I could get running on my computer). Here's the breakdown on how it comes up and what settings are needed to see it:

MAME 0.56 to 0.84: Cheats enabled, CPU0 set to 99%. Dates from November 2001 to July 2004

MAME 0.85 to 0.115: Cheats enabled, refresh rate set to 60.600 (approximate match of arcade version). Instead of changing the refresh rate, the original trick of setting CPU0 to 99% still works in these versions. Dates from August 2004 to May 2007.

MAME 0.116: Shows up by new default of arcade refresh rate, but shows a blue background. June 2007

MAME 0.117: Shows up by default of arcade refresh rate, and is back to showing a black background. July 2007

And we can stop there.

My suspicion is that MAME 0.85 (August 2004) or later was used, because setting the refresh rate to match the arcade's 60.6 Hz indicates technical savvy in an attempt to deceive the public. Even so, the fact that the 'finger' can be replicated many years before Billy's tapes surfaced means his defenders have no escape from that evidence. All they can do now is pray that Carlos can finagle a video to show the same thing happening on real hardware. If Carlos dares to cross the line into shenanigans like that, he won't be able to provide instructions so that anyone else can replicate it.