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Sock Master:
In the end, I made the decision that it would be much better to come up with a clean and tidy solution for the extra graphics.  So I jumped all-in and designed and ordered the PCBs to do it right.

Much more professional looking and pretty simple to install.  No soldering, no modifications to your DK PCB.  Just pull out the graphics and color ROMs and plug these little PCBs into the sockets.

I think I'm nearly ready to make this happen.  I just have to wait for more parts to arrive - I only have the parts to build three graphics kits right now.  Also I still have to write the documentation/instructions for it... wheee! 

The tentative price is $85 for the Multi Remix Tournament Kit itself and $85 for the Multi Graphics Kit.
The Remix Kit does not require the graphics kit to be installed, but you do need the graphics kit (or change your own graphics ROMs) in order to play Spooky Donkey Kong, DK Spooky Remix, Christmas Donkey Kong or DK XMas Remix.

The Graphics kit includes regular DK graphics, the Spooky graphics, Christmas graphics and bonus rainbow graphics to fill it out.

The graphics kit lets the Remix kit select between 4 different graphics sets.  If you opt to simply replace the graphics ROMs on your DK PCB instead, you can only play one graphics set at a time unless you also do the select line modifications outlined in an earlier post.  The graphics kit just makes this easy and tidy.


Dk tournament remix is ready to play at the Vortex  arcade!!!

Sock Master:

--- Quote from: GILLYKONG on October 05, 2021, 03:13:16 am ---Dk tournament remix is ready to play at the Vortex  arcade!!!

--- End quote ---

Thank you Mat for all your help!

The new Multi Remix / Tournament kits are ready to go!   If anyone is interested in getting one, with or without the extra graphics kit, just send me a message.

The Donkey Kong Remix Tournament Edition Multigame Kit adds many new versions of Donkey Kong to your Donkey Kong arcade cabinet:

Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Remix
Donkey Kong Deranged
Donkey Kong Trainer
Donkey Kong with pace calculator
Donkey Kong Tournament Edition
Donkey Kong Remix Tournament Edition
Christmas Donkey Kong*
Donkey Kong Christmas Remix*
Spooky Donkey Kong*
Donkey Kong Spooky Remix*
Rainbow Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Remix*

*The Christmas, Spooky and Rainbow versions of Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Remix require the installation of the Multi Remix Graphics kit in order to play.

Kit Features:
Easily switch between games with the game select screen
Retains high scores even when powered off
Free-play option
Games have separate settings in the service menu
Any game can be set as the default game
Game switching, saving scores and free-play features can be enabled or disabled
Compatible with U.S. and Japanese board sets and ROMs
Uses original unmodified Donkey Kong PCB ROMs when playing Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong Remix Features:
Six new stages, three new bonus stages plus the original four stages
Many stages have multiple variations to mix things up as the game progresses
Ability to jump with blue hammers
Falling girders on the new Rivets stages that can crush Firefoxes
Reversible elevators in the 3rd. Rivets stage
A new kill screen that cranks things up for an exciting finish
Option to earn additional Jumpmen every 150,000, 250,000 or 350,000 points

Donkey Kong Remix Tournament, Christmas and Spooky Editions:
Feature thousands of game variations via a tournament code system.
All three games have intercompatible codes that can be shared across different machines to allow multiple players to all play the same game variation.
Options to play as three different characters each with different abilities, use warp pipes to skip stages, set number of hammers and hammer duration, change stage ordering, change the randomizer, enable a timer or play a timed game plus many more options.

Donkey Kong Tournament, Christmas and Spooky Editions:
Also feature thousands of game variations and intercompatible tournament codes between the three games.
Options to play as three different characters each with different abilities, use warp pipes, set number of hammers, optional jump hammers, set start and end levels, set stage order, adjust randomizer and other game logic, enable timer or timed play, enable context sensitive control enhancement plus many more options.

Donkey Kong Trainer Features:
Option to start game at level 5
Restart stages over and over at the push of a button
Skip stages at the push of a button
Adjust gameplay speed between 0 and 150% in 10% increments
Built-in pace calculator and pace chart
Individual displays for jump and smash points scored each stage
On-screen visual indicators of DK game logic, fireball/firefox decision points, spring types, etc...
Indicators for time left on hammer, time till next difficulty switch, time till next firefox spawn, etc...

Donkey Kong Deranged Features:
Internal difficulty goes beyond level five
Several new types of Wild Barrels
Up to eight fireballs/firefoxes at once at later levels
Fireballs, conveyors and elevators can reach faster speeds
Spawn rates and barrel release rates go beyond higher levels
New Kill Screen that goes all out to make an exciting finish


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