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Sock Master:
A few years ago I created the "Spooky" and "Christmas" versions of Donkey Kong Remix for some tournaments.
Donkey Kong Spooky Remix in particular took the game to a new level with lots of new graphics, new characters, features and refinements...  and ever since then lots of people were wondering if it were possible to get these games onto arcade hardware.  Well, I've been taking steps towards that ever since but it's been a long road because... well, there are lots of hurdles and it's complicated.

Anyway, I've been putting a lot of time into this little project and things are finally all coming together.

Normally, in order to play Spooky or Christmas Remix on arcade hardware... in addition to just getting the software onto the PCB, you also have to change all the graphics and color ROMs - that's swapping an additional 12 chips on the boards.   Some people might be willing to do that but I figure most people won't.

So, I've been working on fleshing out this version of the Remix kit to include as many kitchen sinks as possible.   In addition to just DK Spooky Remix and DK Christmas Remix, there are now is now also a Spooky version of original DK, and a Christmas version...  and also an UN-Spooky version of Spooky Remix that has the features of Spooky Remix but uses regular DK graphics (does not require you to change your graphics ROMs)... 

There's also tons of new features specifically tailored for tournament play (Which I'll get to in a future post.)   Basically, there's a tournament settings screen where you can adjust all sorts of gameplay parameters and the game generates a tournament code for those parameters.   Which will basically give you thousands of different variations of the games!  Anyone can enter that code and everyone will get the same game/gameplay on their machines.
And.. the tournament codes between Tournament DK, Spooky DK and Christmas DK are inter-compatible - meaning the same code will generate exactly the same gameplay even though those three games have graphical differences otherwise.   Same goes between Tournament DK Remix, DK Spooky Remix and DK Christmas Remix.   (The tournament codes between regular DK and Remix versions of the games are not compatible because they have different feature sets and run in a different engine.)

The new kit will include:
-Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong Remix
-Donkey Kong Deranged
-Donkey Kong Trainer
-Donkey Kong with pace
-Tournament Donkey Kong
-Tournament Donkey Kong Remix
-Christmas Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong  Christmas Remix
-Spooky Donkey Kong
-Donkey Kong Spooky Remix

The first 7 games are playable with the kit alone.  The last 4 games will require changing your graphics ROMs and I'll post about the various options in a future post as well, but this is totally optional as the tournament versions of DK and DK Remix will include the same feature sets and gameplay available in those versions aside from for running original DK graphics instead - including the ability to play as Luigi and Giuseppe!

I'll post more information soon.  Here's a few preview images for now

Thank you!


You're doing Glob's work here sir

I'm in!!!

Sock Master:
There is an option in the kit's service menu to set what kind of graphics you have installed.  It has support for any combination of single, dual or multi graphics ROMs.  Basically you can tell it what you have and it'll just adapt so that only the games that your set/subset of roms can support appear in the games select menu.   If you have dual or multi graphics installed, the game list is larger.   It's flexible so you could just leave regular DK graphics ROMs in and seasonally swap in the Halloween or Christmas ROMs, or go all out and do the multi-graphics installation so that all games are always available.

Single graphics are as simple as swapping out the ROM chips.  Dual graphics can support DK+Spooky or DK+Christmas or Spooky+Christmas but are a little more complicated to install as you need to solder one wire between all the chips to act as a select line between the two graphics sets.   Multi graphics get more complicated because the chips are larger with more pins and also require two wires to be soldered between all the chips.

At the moment I don't have the means to supply the graphics ROMs.  Maybe one of the arcade parts vendors would be able to offer them or you could burn your own.  I made some information to show how dual and multi graphics ROMs would get wired up.  Single graphics ROMs are just plug-in - no wires necessary.

I'll make the binaries for the graphics ROMs freely available so anyone could make their own.

The chart below shows the signals the three select lines (S1, S2 and S3) on the kit output when specific games are selected.  They could actually be used in a bunch of different ways, even piggybacking three sets of single ROMs if someone wanted to do it that way.   I did the multi-graphics (two wire) method on mine.  You don't need to modify the DK PCB itself, just a bit of hacking to the EPROM chips to redirect some signals.


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