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Running DK Spooky Remix in Retropie

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I'm going absolutely mad trying to make this work, and getting nowhere. Any advice much appreciated.

Things I have:

- DK Christmas Remix ROM, called, working perfectly in Retropie through lr-fbalpha.

- DK2 - Jumpman Returns ROM, called, working perfectly in Retropie through lr-fbalpha.

- standalone DK Spooky Remix ROM, title, downloaded from here.

- merged DK ROMset, including Spooky, called, working perfectly in HBMAME.

So all the pieces are there. But no matter what I do, I can't get Spooky to run in Retropie. The best I can get is the original Donkey Kong 2 - Jumpman Returns running with Spooky graphics and colours.

I've tried every combination of ROMs and filenames I can think of. Has anyone managed it?

I manged to get the Christmas remix running on my pi but cant remember how and was trying to switch it to Halloween remix but failed. Glad you posted this I was about too.

People have posted images of it apparently running on Retropie, supposedly on lr-mame2016, but that just dumps me straight back onto the menu screen. (Then again, lr-mame2016 does that with everything for me, even after a six-hour update last night.)

Looks like we're out of luck  :(

This has now been resolved on the Retropie website.  The developer of lr-fbneo has updated this emulator to cater for Donkey Kong Spooky Remix.  Lr-fbneo needs to be updated from source.


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