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Hi is it on my end ? I can't seem to get Donkey Kong Spooky so save high scores ... I know you can save on exit but I've had a few problems with the game where is will freeze up on boot up , So I have to reset the game and I end up losing the high scores .

Sock Master:
Donkey Kong Spooky Remix does not specifically save high scores to nvram.  There was supposed to be some sort of plugin to enable saving high scores in MAME for games that do not save scores but as I don't use it I'm not sure which versions of MAME support it or the steps/settings you need to enable it.
If that is what you are doing and this is working for other games like Donkey Kong, MAME likely still won't save scores for Spooky Remix because high score support for this game has not specifically been added into the hiscore.dat script file.   Someone would have to add it to the hiscore.dat script.  In theory it should work after that.

Thanks for your reply, that's what I was thinking it would have to be added in the dat file, I was looking inside that file but I have no idea how or what info I'd need to add in there. Maybe one day someone will add it.

I got it...  I edit the dat file seems to work now...  :)

Just curious as to what you did to the hiscore.dat file to make this work.  I've attempted to do the same, however it is not working.  The save state will save the scores, but only until a reset of some sort.  I'd like to see your hiscore.dat changes.  Thanks.


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