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I'm wondering if Donkey Kong Spooky will run under 32bit, I'm wanting to run it on my Cocktail machine that is running windows XP 32bit But I can't seem to get the game to show up under the Mame version I'm running, Is there another version I need or do I just need to have 64bit in order for this to run? I've tested it on my laptop and when I run the 64bit exe it shows up but when I run the 32bit exe she don't show the spooky... I know I could install the Windows XP 64bit but I'm scared of doing so, I don't want to lose everything I have setup on the cocktall machine. Any help would be great!!!

It's not a 32/64 bit issue. Spooky Remix has not been officially added to MAME. The developer swapped the game into the program space of the Donkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns version 1.1 ROM (dkongx11). So in order to run Spooky, you need a version of MAME that supports dkongx11, which would be 0.140 or higher.

It will be listed in frontends with the description "Donkey Kong II: Jumpman Returns (hack, V1.1)," and (depending on what you're using for a frontend) actually may not be listed, or run at all, since the ROM audit will fail. The only sure way to get the game to work is to use the command line.

64-bit program is not going to run on a 32-bit computer.

Another alternative is to use HBMAME 32-bit, which has the spooky version inbuilt.


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