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Streaming for Charity?
« on: August 01, 2014, 01:21:35 am »
Hey guys, how's it going ?

I haven't posted in some time, but it's good to see the forum this big since I last came here :O

Some of you know me, most of you don't. I am a ~100-150k on average player, with a top score of around 220k. I have never really taken this game too serious, as I spend my gaming-focus on things that came out after I was born mostly ;P

I am relatively skilled at gamesm so with the help of some of the masters on here, I should be able to killscreen this game I believe.

I am inspired to try do a streaming event for charity. Nothing crazy. I just want to get to $250 donation for (all goes to Save the Kids foundation). Just to see if its possible. I intend on taking this idea further (maybe with other games) if it proves a success. <-- some streaming fun, turn your volume down if you don't want my eventual screaming to break your ears.

My question is, what would it take for me to get the DK community behind me ? I can't think of a more positive community that I part take in.

I am willing to really up my high score as a goal for this. I can eat wild barrels all day if it's going for a good cause.

I am willing to sit down for 8+ hrs on stream the entire thing.

Should I master this game and then stream for a marathon ? Should I stream my road towards killscreen on a day to day basis ?

Any feedback or comments that are helpful are appreciated.