Author Topic: Twitch, VODs, and DMCA  (Read 5858 times)

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Twitch, VODs, and DMCA
« on: November 15, 2020, 06:36:44 pm »
If you're streaming copyrighted music while playing games, STOP! (unless you have the rights)
If you have any VODs or clips with copyright music in them you don't wish to lose, download/archive them and remove them from Twitch ASAP.

Earlier this year (May 2020) record companies started sending DMCA requests to Twitch about VODs and clips that contained copyrighted music. This caused many streamers to receive strikes, have their vods/clips removed, and even be banned from the platform.

Since May these DMCA takedown requests have been increasing. It's no longer only big streamers being targeted. Record companies are running bots to scan Twitch's VOD server, and are targeting streamers of any size.

If you are currently streaming copyrighted music you don't have the rights too you need to stop as there is a good chance your account will eventually receive a ban.

If you have any VODs or clips with copyright music in them you should download/archive them from Twitch, and remove them ASAP.
This will obviously cause issues with the highscore list, and accessing footage of scores that have been submitted.
Where possible I'd suggest editing the VOD on your computer after downloading to no longer include audio, and reuploading to Twitch (where possible) and/or YouTube, and providing an updated link for the VOD.

Twitch says they're working to provide us tools to better manage VODs/clips in the future (hopefully options to mute/hide, instead of only deleting), but until that point it's better to be safe than sorry (especially if you care about your Twitch channel).

If you want more information then please read
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Re: Twitch, VODs, and DMCA
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2020, 01:51:06 pm »
Kibbay, hope you're doing well, sir. 

I can't imagine people wanting to watch me stream, plus I feel pressure & play even worse.  Adding music at least made me enjoy it.  They figured out how to monetize it on youtube, though that solution looks easier.  Hope they figure out something good eventually.

Guess I should just be glad I don't have a bunch of videos to lose.
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