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Easy approve for me. You changed the way people play DK3 and made people actually play, and enjoy the game, despite most people thinking the game was shit. (Some still think it's shit but that's not your fault).

I do think it's weird nominating yourself for your own HOF, but having your own HOF is already a bit weird so I can look past that.
I could never reward myself with anything. Especially a spot in an exclusive group that I'm the curator of. That's part of my crazy. I barely give myself credit for things I'm capable of. That being said, I think that you absolutely belong in any gaming HOF with regards to classic arcade scores/achievements.

I wonder if part of the solution here would be to change "your" HOF where you make the decisions to a CAG HOF with a board? Maybe choose 5 to 10 of all-time greats who are knowledgeable about classic gaming, and if they're agreeable, share ownership with them. Then, come up with a system for nominating potential's and have a once-a-year vote for induction.

Don't mind me. I ramble, often incoherently.
You know how I voted.
OK, one last bump

Other High Score Lists / Re: Donkey Kong 3 Submissions
« Last post by homerwannabee on December 08, 2023, 11:17:16 am »
Just had enough mental energy for this 5-man PB after starting a marathon game.

Difficulty 1 - 5-man
WolfMAME 0.183
Very good. Close to the five man one million mark!  8)
Other High Score Lists / Re: Donkey Kong 3 Submissions
« Last post by CraigT on December 02, 2023, 04:55:26 am »
Just had enough mental energy for this 5-man PB after starting a marathon game.

Difficulty 1 - 5-man
WolfMAME 0.183
Classic Arcade Game Discussion / Re: Track & Field Stuffs
« Last post by Dallas Taylor on December 01, 2023, 12:45:06 pm »
Incredible Sir Hector, Knight of the dirt tracks, Duke of all "tracks." A true MAN among men.
Seriously man, great stuff!
Classic Arcade Game Discussion / Re: Pole Position and how to get better
« Last post by yamnitz on November 30, 2023, 05:27:58 pm »
The extra 10 has to do with 'shortcutting' a tiny bit of the track per lap, so over 1 qualify lap and 4 main race laps it's traveling 1/5000th farther.  I believe it happens in the hairpin when everything suddenly speeds up.  Try playing the game where you never upshift, when you are going at max LOW speed of about 140ish, you seem so slow then when you come to the hairpin everything speeds up for a second.  Weird stuff.  That's why I think you gain just a little distance if you do the hairpin a certain way... that certain way leads to faster times, higher scores and you get the extra 10 more often that way.  Getting it twice like I did just means I got 2/5000th farther, which seems very very unlikely since I've never repeated it. 

so to be clear when I say pattern I only mean the pattern of the 4 enemy cars the very first time you see them in the main race.  The order of the colored cars and where they are on the track.  That is 'The Pattern" After that everything can change depending on going inside or not, hitting the sides or not, skidding or not, and sometimes just by being fast enough that cars usually change lanes but just so happens that another enemy car is there so it doesn't. Having 3 enemy cars on the inside of any turn is bad.  Sometimes you start the game with 3 on the right and 1 on the left, I would consider that a bad pattern. 

Yeah getting a 213.00 would be Incredibly tough. You have to be inside SO much to get the time down, and cars switch lanes during the race, a dozen random helpful things would have to happen on lap 3 and 4, while running  basically a perfect first 2 laps.  Not impossible but..

I am really figuring this game out right now.. hopefully big things coming soon!
Classic Arcade Game Discussion / Re: Track & Field Stuffs
« Last post by andrewg on November 30, 2023, 11:03:25 am »
Donkey Kong High Score Lists / Re: DK Score Submissions
« Last post by mattbuc16 on November 29, 2023, 10:07:09 am »
Sorry for that, xelnia.
Classic Arcade Game Discussion / Re: Track & Field Stuffs & Excitebike Bouncy Bounce
« Last post by Fly on November 29, 2023, 08:57:21 am »
Some updates on what this T&F guy has been up to.

I got sucked back into NES Excitebike. I was doing full runs and Track 4 and 5 kept killing my runs.  I got tired of getting my ass kicked by them so I started practicing on them specifically to be more consistent on my full runs. That soon turned into a PB(WR improvement) on 4 and then a bigger PB(4th WR improvement). 47.26! 3.54 Seconds faster than #2.

Most of my grind was on Track 5. My PB was around 49 and usually got 55-60. I was a novice here.  I was aiming for consistent sub 50 for full runs. I got down to fairly easy 45s. That was about 2 seconds off the top spot, so I started to work on that. The cut from 44 down to 42 or even 43 was much more significant that I thought. I grinded for 1 month and finally got a mid 42. Just a tic away from #1. So, the grind continued, but the goal wasn't #1. It was now SUB 40. There is an unsubmitted run on another players YT. He got 39.95, but for whatever reason, he never submitted it. I think he only does full runs but knew this was significant and saved the clip.  After another month of 2-3 hours a day, I finally get sub 40! 39.45! Here's the thing....I hit mud just before the finish and ruined a shot at sub 39.  FailFish  NotLikeThis I couldn't stand the thought of someone copying my run MINUS the mud and beating me. Another month on Track 5 and I finally get a clean run. 38.86 is where the record stands. I'm done with this track. Your turn!  <thefinger>

I took my newly found knowledge and skills to track 2C Selection A and Selection B and lowered those a few times. I actually have a faster time than anybody else on Selection B (opponents on the track) than they have on Selection A (No opponents).

I've rambled long enough. Short compared to my grind. LOL!

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