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TSF's Top 19 Yolympics Games
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:03:48 am »
A quick run down of TSF's ranked list of the 19 games in the Yolympics tourney.

1. Arkanoid - Ball and paddle 4Lyfe

2. Gun.Smoke - Hadn't played this since the 90's and quickly remembered why I enjoyed it back then. 

3. 1942 - Easy to pick up and play and eventually a bit tougher as you traverse the game.  I think the difficulty curve is nice and keeps you playing with enough variation in terms of trying to maximize score vs stay alive, etc.

4. Super Pang - Always thought this was a neat game concept since I first played it when it was in one of these things previously

5. Espgaluda - A game I'd not played before but quickly really fell in love with the game mechanics, scoring system, graphics, etc.  A really attractive game that I'd play again.

6. Ladybug - One of the few Pac clones (kind of) that someone got right.  Medium is a bit too frustrating though imo.

7. Moon Patrol - It's fine.

8. Donkey Kong -  I beat <Allen>

9. Alien vs Predator - I normally dislike beat em ups, for whatever reason I never really frequented them growing up.  I love the Alien movies though and so I figured I'd give this one a fair shake given I did like Final Fight when it was in the other tourney.  I found this (I think) to be a bit fairer than Final Fight to me and the AvP theme was enjoyable.  This might be my new favorite beat em up. 

10.  Jr Pac Turbo - Meh

11. Galaga - Chit game.  HeyGuys Barra

12.  Toobin - I'd probably like it more if I learned how to properly toob.  I did go on vacation for a week or so during this tourney and actually did some real life Toobin.  It didn't help so much.

13. Raiden 2 - Hurts my hand but I didn't hate it

14. Shock Troopers 2 - Not as good as 1 but playable and a decent risk vs reward scoring system made it more interesting to me.  Dat clip art though. 

15. Bubble Bobble Lost Cave - Not a fan of this series.  I asked Barra if my wife could play it for me and he said it was ok but in the end I decided to give it a go on my own.  I don't much like the stalling for item drops and such.

16. DoDonPachi - Didn't really understand the enjoyment of this game.  I suppose trying to get the chains up is satisfying for some but was met with mostly frustration by me and my eyes hurt trying to track shots.  I don't really get it.

17. Ghouls and Ghosts - I played with a shirt so maybe I was doing it wrong

18. Fuxston II - Nope

19. Metal Slug X - My god the restarts, can we stop with the games that take like 15 minutes to get going only to result in restarts?  MSX, Bubble Bobble, GnG, CheckPointHellxton II, etc.
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