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Kong Klub 5 minute Junior Challenge
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:50:34 am »
*Facebook Group Contest*
If you are not already part of Kong Klub on Facebook, please head on over and check it out!

For the next 7 days we will be having the Second Annual “Jacob’s 5 minute Junior Challenge!”

Here’s the Rules:

Game: Original Donkey Kong Junior
Time: 5 minutes
Challenge: Most Points collected in exactly 5 mins

You must:
-FB live your game ON Kong Klub
-Name video “5 Minute Junior”
-Have a timer set. Use a watch, phone or tablet, for example, WITH SOUND. Countdown 5 mins with an alarm or sound we can hear. (Timer ends at 0, not necessarily when timer sounds)
-TImer must be visible for entire video.
-Hit “1 player” start and phone timer start at the SAME TIME
-Bonus points count! As long as you hit/jump something, or finish a level before timer runs out, you score those points, if they don’t show for a second in your score.
-Tag Jacob Ashley in your comments of your video WITH YOUR FINAL SCORE, so it’s easier for me to find.
-you must do these OR SCORE DOES NOT COUNT.

Submit as much as you’d like! And you can make 1 video for numerous attempts, to save on congestion of the page.

PRIZE: Top 3 get a RARE LIMITED EDITION “5 minute Junior” BUTTON from our Kong Klub Button Club!

Contest starts now until Monday the 18th at Midnight PST

Winners from last year 2018:
1st- Tim Kreh 51,700
2nd-George Riley 47,900
3rd-Alexis Crowley 47,000

Who will take the title this year?! Let’s find out! Please join Kong Klub on Facebook!
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