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DK Spooky Remix Halloween Tournament 2018

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DK Spooky Remix Halloween Tournament 2018
Tournament Registration
Score Submissions

Welcome to another Donkey Kong online tournament !!!!

Sock Master has created a special Halloween-themed version of his DK Remix, and we're having a tournament to celebrate!

Because of changes to the game logic, this will be a MAME-only tournament. Arcade Remix kits are not eligible for competition.

The romset will be available soon. It replaces (D2K version 1.1) and should be run from the command line. You will need both the tournament romset and regular DK romset. MAME will give you a checksum error at the command line, but the game is stil playable. If you're not comfortable with the command line, you'll need to download MisfitMAME 0.128 and rename the romset from to While not required, it is highly recommended that you record and save INPs of your games.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For anyone who is submitting a score for one of the top prizes or bounties, you must submit a valid stream as per the rules below. I will not accept pictures, photos, witnesses or anything else like that to take the place of a valid stream. It is your responsibility to make sure your stream is working properly, is available for me to review, and that the game settings are correct.  Thank you for understanding.

Start Time: October 1, 2018 12:00 AM Pacific Time
End Time: November 4, 2018 11:59 PM Pacific time
Entry Fee: FREE!

Competition Settings:
Starting Lives: 5
Difficulty: Normal
Bonus: @15k
Additional Bonus: Every 150k

1st place: $125 + DK Spooky Remix shirt
2nd place: $75 + DKF coffee mug
3rd place: $50
4th place: $25

Also, Jason Horner will donate $10 to any player who places in the top 4 who didn't place in the top 4 in the Christmas Remix tourney (up to $40 total). This excludes Ethan Daniels, Dan Desjardins, and Chris Psaros (Jason placed 3rd himself).

First to reach 22-1: $25 + DK Spooky Remix shirt  THIS BOUNTY IS CLAIMED
First to score 1,000,000: $25 + DK Spooky Remix shirt  THIS BOUNTY IS CLAIMED
Highest score on a Bonus stage: $25 CURRENT HIGHEST CLAIM: 8000

Anyone is welcome to donate to the prize/bounty pool!

NOTE: Ties always go to the first person who claimed the bounty
NOTE: Prizes and bounties might change in the future


IMPORTANT: The rules for the contest are laid out below. Please read through all of the rules carefully. Jeremy has the right to immediately reject any score submission if these rules are not followed as outlined below. ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

- Players MUST register in order to compete and must be registered before submitting scores. However, registration will be OPEN during the entirety of the contest.
-The registration link is at the top of this post.
- Any contestant may register for this contest, it is open to any person on this planet that plays Donkey Kong no matter what your skill level may be!!!

Stream Setup
- All contestants are required to live stream their games on Twitch. (NO EXCEPTIONS FOR ANY REASON).
- Contestants are solely responsible for setting up their stream.
- Contestant’s stream quality must be sharp enough to read the level and score at a glance (as well as the rest of the game play).  If there is ANY question of score and level due to bad quality stream, that submission will be rejected, instantly, with no exceptions. I suggest that you test your streams and check them from time to time to make sure they are working correctly.
- Streams which are partial, glitchy, edited or manipulated in any way will be rejected.
- Streams must have sound enabled. We must be able to hear the contestant's voice and the game sounds.
- Streams must be available for review on the contestants registered streaming channel.  If for ANY reason the stream is not available for review on the contestant’s registered channel, the submission will be rejected.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Game Submissions
- The score submission link is at the top of this post.
- Contestant is solely responsible for submitting their own scores.
- Only the DK Spooky Remix Halloween MAME romset can be used for score submissions.
- Score submissions can be for any non-zero score.
- At the start of EACH new stream, contestant must state their full name.
- The entire game must be played only by the registered contestant who is identified at the beginning of the game.
- Bounties
   * Contestant is solely responsible for specifying which bounty they want to claim when they submit a score.
   * A contestant can only be paid for a maximum of 1 bounty for any one contest.
   * If a submitted game qualifies for more than 1 bounty, the contestant is solely responsible for specifying which bounty they are claiming and they can only claim a single bounty (and the refs will consider only the specified bounty for the score submission). For example, if I have a game where I am the first to a million points and a kill screen, I claim the million point bounty and the kill screen bounty remains open for other contestants to claim.
   * If a contestant tries to claim a bounty however is not awarded that bounty for some reason (i.e., they were incorrect about the bounty or another contestant's score submission invalidates their bounty claim), the contestant may try to claim another bounty on one of their next score submissions.
   * Bounties are considered in the order in which the score submissions are received.
   * Please remember that the bounty system was introduced for fun and to spread around some extra money to the contestants. Any disputes over the bounties will be settled accordingly by Jeremy, JC, and/or John.
- Jeremy will be validating all scores and reserve the right to reject any score for any reason.
- Games started before the official contest start time (no matter how close to the official contest start time) will not be eligible.
- Games started after the official contest end time (no matter how close to the official contest end time) will not be eligible.
- Last game can be started any time before the official contest end time (no matter how close to the official contest end time).
- Scores can be submitted up until 4 hours past the official contest end time.
- You cannot use save/load states, continues or any other types of cheats/tricks.

Prize Payouts
- Prize money will be issued in the exact amount stated, ONLY to the registered contestant.
- Prize money will be sent via PayPal or sent via U.S. post in the form of a registered money order, or check ONLY to the registered contestant.
- If the contestant rejects the prize acceptance guidelines, listed above, or chooses not to accept the prize, that prize will be dropped.
Closing Remarks
- Please remember, at the end of the day, this is for fun and to keep the community together.  Anyone who does not follow the rules, cheats, etc, will be removed from the contest, and possibly banned from all future contests.
- Good luck to all contestants !!!


Registered Players: 39
Jeremy Young -
John Kowalski -
Nina Haigh -
Andrew Barrow -
Wes Copeland -
Jason Horner -
James Magowan -
Benjamin Sweeney -
Chris Gleed -
Raul Morales -
Daniel Desjardins -
Jeff Harrist -
James King -
Katie Young -
Tanner Fokkens -
Mathew McGill -
Benjamin Falls -
Tim Kreh -
Chris Teter -
Allen Staal -
Nathan Brandt -
Ethan Daniels -
Jason Vasiloff -
Jacob Ashley -
Daniel Larsen -
Tom Bell -
Timothy Sczerby -
Steven Kleisath -
Dustin Myers -
Richard Dziuba -
Jeremy Price -
Robert Racek -
Todd Lalonde -
Chris Psaros -
Les Coffman -
J.P. Buergers -
"Sleepy Gary" -
Chris Henry -
Josh Mayden -

Banned Players:
-Jason Corey Brittain
-That dude who cheated on <blinky>
- <Billy>


I would like to donate $10 to any player who places top 4, that did not place top 4 in the Xmas Remix tourney (up to $40 total). Good luck, all!


--- Quote from: Gettysburg1863 on September 24, 2018, 07:50:44 pm ---Kreygasm

I would like to donate $10 to any player who places top 4, that did not place top 4 in the Xmas Remix tourney (up to $40 total). Good luck, all!

--- End quote ---


ty sir. I've added your donation to the the list of prizes.

I'm in. There - now nobody has to fear being last place Kappa

Thank you for your sacrifice, Ben. :)

While I love DKF tournaments, and especially Remix tourneys, since it forces me to make time for a game I haven't spent enough time on, I also love playing on my cab.  A little bummed it's MAME only....but I've already gotten over it.  Looking forward to some fun comp.  <popcorn>


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