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Re: Dig Dug score
« Reply #15 on: April 14, 2014, 10:04:25 am »
I played the slow set quite some time and I fully agree with you that it's the most fun part to discover the methods to score the max. The problem is I love Dig Dug for what it is, it's a fast game and once the slow rounds kick in it's everything else than fast :(

I practiced on rev 2 without the slow levels and was about to submit my max on TGTS but then I figured out they only track the slowmo set and I was mega pissed.

It's ok to track the slowmo set no problem but the fast set is basically a other game so it should get tracked as well.

Once you reach the slow levels you are set imo. It gets so much easier it's unreal.
Don't get me wrong I of course see the challenging part to find out the best paterns to score high but I for my part prefer full speed until the end.

I still believe the 5 man track should be on set 2 cause then people could at least enjoy both sets and would not be forced to play something that they dislike so much.

It's just that I still don't get it why TG couldn't track both sets. On one hand they banned the double kill technique and on the other hand they allow this matrix freeze frame set which is hard to understand. This totally spoiled it for me and I stopped to play.

Same goes for Gyruss, I have the konami pcb but could not go for the arcade WR cause they only tracked the centuri version.

This all makes no sense for me. Anyway enough about the former TG now lets hope the new stuff is more open-minded.

Oh and thanks for the streaming link I hope I find the time later tonight to check it out :)
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