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Thank you everyone for participating!

In the end, all the competitors worked hard, but two players proved without any doubt who could perform under the stress and pressure of a three-day event, which is exactly what this qualifier was intended to test.

Ethan, who would already be in the arcade top 12 sans an unfortunate power outage, grinded his way to a respectable 1.04m score that tied his PB. A strong player and the outright favorite, no one is surprised that he took first.

JCB played three huge games in this event. He had a 700k, an 800k, and when it mattered he pulled out a 900k. He could have gotten discouraged and decided not to push farther, but he kept trying. This is a commendable trait worthy of a Kong Off competitor.

Both players have proven themselves (and not for the first time). While the next players down will be given the status of alternates if of these two are unable to attend, these two players are the officially qualified players from this competition, and there will be two cabinets in Pittsburgh at the world championship with their names on them.
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