Author Topic: Arcade games you're sad to see having a lack of new competition  (Read 281 times)

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OK, this is about arcade games that you feel deserve more competition.

I'll start it off.
It's sad to see perfect Pac -Man speedruns
Getting almost no new competition.
This was one of the earliest games to Speedrun.
Now Speedrunning has become huge.  Unfortunately, because Pac Man was arcade almost all those speed runners ignore the game.
I know there's valid reasons for this. But for me it's sad to see.
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Re: Arcade games you're sad to see having a lack of new competition
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2022, 02:48:59 pm »
Since 2013 I have tried to get a Donkey Kong Junior Kong Off event...    I gave up on the idea by 2015 because everything about then was based around the fact I would fly to Richies Arcade on the East Coast.   This was before it closed.

I have held Donkey Kong Junior Events online and they have went quite well.
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