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Re: "Fixing" DKjr
« Reply #45 on: April 11, 2024, 05:04:00 pm »
"Sometimes there was code where I can see the intended functionality, even if it doesn't actually *work*.  Stuff like the level 1 vines screen supposed to have 3 red snapjaws, level 2 is supposed to have 4 red snapjaws, level 3+ have 5...  Well, 4 never happens because the routine that does the check happens to trash the value of the registers it's testing...  Anyway, so in cases like that, I tried to implement their intention."

This is so... I'm not sure what it is. I must have grown up in an alternate reality.

Forever, I have sworn that I played the game where after L3, there were two red snapjaws on the right side vines of the Jungles. Two snapjaws that covered the verticals and the small platform on the far right of the screen. I actually had a picture of the Jungle board, that I'd drawn in 5th grade, and I included both of the red snapjaws on the far right side. Found that picture just a few years ago. It triggered the "memory" of playing this version.

Obviously, this is crazy and not possible. That being said, sometimes, my failing memory and false memories that my crazy brain sometimes creates these days are entertaining and possibly genius beyond my capabilities  ;D ;D ;D
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